Privacy Policy

KosmimataShop commits to protecting your personal information.

Our company collects personal information when a user registers in our website, when he uses our services or when he purchases a product, when he navigates our website, when he gives us his email and subscribes to our newsletter and when he contacts us through the contact form on our website.

The information that may be requested includes: your name, your email, your phone number, your address and your postal code. In case you choose to receive an invoice, you will need to submit further information such as VAT registration number and Tax Office.

What is more, we may collect information regarding your computer and its activity on this website or other linked applications, as well as information that you submitted to this website or other linked applications.

Before revealing the personal information of a third party to our company, the user must have asked for the third party’s consent.

The company KosmimataShop has the right to process the user’s personal information so as to provide a personalized navigation experience on its website, so that the user can use the services offered, so as to send the products that the user ordered or to confirm payments made by the user, in order to send a newsletter as requested by the user, in order to keep this website safe and secure or to collect statistical information.

KosmimataShop does not reveal the users’ personal information to a third party. The company responsible for the payments becomes aware only of the information that is absolutely necessary so as to complete the payment or to get a refund.

The user can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any given time. Furthermore, he may request that his account and personal information be deleted from our database by sending an email to

KosmimataShop does not disclose the users’ personal information to a third party without their consent unless it is obliged to do so due to a court order or the order of another public authority.

The user’s personal information is disclosed to a third party only to the extent that this is necessary for the completion of his order (eg. disclosure of personal information to a courier company so as to ship your order). The company is also entitled to disclose a user’s personal information so as to protect its own legal rights.

KosmimataShop has adopted various security methods in order to protect your personal information such as an SSL certificate but it bears no responsibility if a third party hacks our security system and steals this type of information.

It is the user’s responsibility to protect his password and not reveal it to anyone. The user always has access to his personal information in case he wants to make changes or delete it.

KosmimataShop does not keep a record of the user’s bank information during a transaction made by credit card, debit card, prepaid card or PayPal.

The company redirects the customers to Viva Wallet or PayPal and these companies guarantee the safety of the transaction and the information submitted, respectively. The company keeps a record of your personal information in its database for a reasonable period of time as is needed according to its judgment so as to facilitate the navigation on this website and deal with any relative legal obligations.


Our website uses cookies so as to provide the users with a personalized navigation experience and make it easier for them to use the services offered by our company (eg. purchasing a product). When a user visits our website, he automatically gives his consent to the use of cookies.

KosmimataShop is entitled to alter the current GDPR policy whenever it believes that this is needed and it is the user’s responsibility to regularly return to this page so as to get informed about any changes made.

If a legal disagreement arises, the courts of Greece are responsible for resolving the issue and the Greek law is to be applied.