Terms & Conditions

When you use or visit www.kosmimatashop.gr, you automatically accept the terms outlined below. Our company has the right to alter the following terms and conditions whenever it believes that this is needed. It is the user’s responsibility to regularly return to this page so as to get informed about any changes made to these terms.

The content of this website is subject to copyright and it is forbidden to copy, republish or alter it without the company’s previous written consent.

The user declares that the law does not restrict him from using this website due to his age.


The company KosmimataShop has the right to change the prices of the products offered at the online store whenever it considers that this is needed. If you purchase a product and its price has been altered, KosmimataShop will inform you about the price change before shipping your order. The prices of the products available at a discount in our online store apply until the product is out of stock.

VAT is included in the price displayed next to the products.

Order cancelation

KosmimataShop gives you the right to cancel your order within 24 hours after submitting it as long as it has not yet been shipped. If the parcel has already been shipped to you, it is not possible to cancel the order.


KosmimataShop tries hard to make sure that the description of the products offered at the online store is as accurate as possible. However, the company bears no responsibility if the photographs of the products are not clear enough and the customer cannot distinguish the colour or some other characteristics with accuracy or clarity. What is more, our company bears no responsibility for potential inaccuracies or omissions in the description of the products. KosmimataShop can make changes to the description of the products whenever it is considered to be necessary without any prior warning or notification.

Deletion of user’s account

KosmimataShop has the right to refuse its services to a client if it wishes to do so or to delete his account if it is believed that he violates the terms and conditions of this website or for any other reason that it believes that this course of action is needed.

Personal information

The user of this website declares that the personal information that he submits to our website is accurate and up to date. Our company will process this information so as to deal with the order that was placed. Your personal information is confidential and it is not revealed to a third party unless this is necessary for the completion of an order (eg. disclosure of your personal information to a courier company so as to ship your order) or if there is a court order or the order of another public authority that obliges our company to disclose this information.


KosmimataShop bears no responsibility for any damage caused to you by visiting links that are included in our website. The owner of each of these websites is solely responsible for the links in our website. The user agrees that he uses the links in our website on his own responsibility.

Users’ comments

The users of our website that wish to leave a comment take full responsibility of the content of their comment. It is forbidden to leave offensive, insulting or racist comments. KosmimataShop has the right to delete comments that are considered to be inappropriate or to delete the user’s account and even refuse its services to him if his comments are deemed as insulting or inappropriate. Your comments must not be defamatory and must not entail malware or constitute part of an advertising campaign. It is forbidden to include links in your comments.


It is forbidden to use our website for any illegal purpose or with the aim of breaking the law. The users are not allowed to violate our copyright or use our website so as to promote insulting, offensive, racist or inappropriate content. Moreover, it is forbidden to transmit any form of malware through our website or to breach our security system.


KosmimataShop tries hard to send all the orders placed within the predefined time but it bears no responsibility if the order is delayed or if it is impossible to ship the order due to lack of stock, natural disaster, weather conditions, terrorist attacks, war or any other reason. The company also bears no responsibility for orders that are delayed because of the courier company that has taken on the shipment.


The customer has the right to return a product that he purchased from our online store within 15 days. The customer must contact us and inform us regarding the problem that arose within 3 days after receiving the parcel. Then on, the product must be sent back to our company within 15 days. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost of the returned products.

The product packaging must not have been opened or violated in any way and the product must be in the same good condition that you received it for the company to accept the return of a product. If you want to return a product to our company, you will need to have the receipt of the purchase.

We do not accept the return of products if the packaging has been opened, if they have been used, if they have sustained any sort of damage or if their label has been taken out. If the product that the customer wants to return was accompanied by a gift, he will have to return this gift as well. Otherwise, the price of the gift will be deducted from the total sum to be refunded. The company makes the refund for the purchase to the bank account that the customer provided us with for the refund within 30 days after we receive the returned product as long as the above conditions were not violated.

If a customer abuses his right to return products, KosmimataShop has the right to refuse the return of a product or even refuse to offer its services to this particular customer any longer.

The customer must examine the condition of the products received upon delivery in front of the deliveryman. If the products have sustained any sort of damage, the customer must contact us immediately so that we can deal with this issue as soon as possible.

KosmimataShop does not recognize that the customer received a faulty product if the customer does not contact us within 24 hours in order to inform us about the problem that arose.

Transaction safety

The customers are redirected to Viva Wallet for any transactions made by credit card, debit card or prepaid card and thus, Viva Wallet guarantees the safety of the transaction. For payments made via PayPal, the company PayPal guarantees the safety of the transaction.

The courts of Greece are responsible for the resolution of any legal disagreement that may arise and the Greek law is to be applied.